Sojourner best fits into the Americana Music genre. Enjoy the vocal harmonies and the acoustic strings of artfully arranged instrumentals as you experience a unique folky / bluegrass style. Traditional, original and obscure songs from bluegrass, folk and gospel genres comprise their repertoire. Members of Sojourner are actively involved in leading worship music at the Cross Worship Ministry and their respective churches. Whatever the event, Sojourner is ready to serve, minister or just provide relaxing soul stirring music.


5 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Great site. I wish I would have received your e-mail Tuesday so I could have
    made arrangements to see you last night. I might make the songwriters thing on Monday. Do send me invite to CD party so I can get one. Check out my group, CrossTown Connection Atlanta, on YouTube. Also, send me e-mail if you add any performances in the next couple months. My best to you guys, Bob

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