Sojourner Logo

Sojourner is a group that best fits into the Americana genre of music with a mix of Bluegrass, Gospel, Folk, and Jazz/Swing flavors.  We are from the Northwest Atlanta area and play for church and community events around Atlanta.  We tailor our music to lean more to the traditional favorites and Bluegrass standards for community events, sometimes adding banjo to the mix for more of a Bluegrass flavor.  Leading worship or providing Gospel entertainment at church gatherings where traditional music is desired is one of our favorite events.

To have Sojourner play for your event please call Mickey Adams @ 404-392-2370

The group consists of :

          Mickey Adams Guitar, Harmonica, Lead vocals

          Glen Hayes Guitar, Baritone Harmonies, Lead vocals

          Ray Sanders Mandolin, Tenor Harmonies, Lead vocals

          Spencer Rohlfs Acoustic Bass